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Goat Milk Products

Recent Reviews

"Hi Nancy I met you at the Festival Sunday! I am boasting about your lotion to everyone. I am very hard to please when it comes to dry skin remedies. I sincerely find your lotion to be fabulous and will be buying some for gifts. I posted a link to your fb page and I hope and pray this will promote your business. You deserve to thrive and grow!! Have a great day!" - Carla Deitsch, May 5th, 7:38am

"I particularly like the smell of lavendar and have tried many different 'natural' soaps made with lavendar.  However, your goat milk lavendar soap is the only one that truly maintains that special fragrance while at the same time giving a luxurious feeling to my skin.  Love your lavendar soaps and your lavendar lotions."
- a fussy Scottsdale Customer, March 22