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The Most Luxurious Personal Care Nancy with her goat CeeCeeProducts for You…  No Kidding!

 It all started with a bunch of weeds…

 Nancy, the discoverer and founder of Goat’s Milk Etc., was born and raised in California where weeds are minute little things with roots that permeate the soil by no more than a few inches. For this reason, they are easy to pull up by simply bending over and tugging on the offending plant.

Not so in Arizona….

When Nancy moved to a minuscule, rural hamlet in Northern Arizona, she discovered that the roots of most weeds were more like ferocious tentacles, plunging deeply through the Earth’s crust and into the mantle deep within, there to latch on for dear life. For this reason, pulling weeds is no easy matter.

One day, while she was eradicating weeds in her yard, tugging and straining to pull out one very cranky weed monstrosity, a neighbor asked why Nancy was bending over and stressing her back.

 Nancy looked up and muttered, “Pulling weeds” as though it was the only way known to get rid of weeds.

 The neighbor suggested that Nancy get a goat to eat the weeds.

 “A goat?!?”

One week later, a truck unloaded a very pregnant nanny goat. Soon after, the nanny goat unloaded triplets—a very unusual goat occurrence. Unfortunately, the triplets were each very small and in spite of midnight bottle feeding and various vet visits, two of the three triplets passed on. Cocoa, the surviving baby girl goat, grew into a young, healthy nanny goat and was soon eradicating weeds like a champion.

Talking to the neighbor later, Nancy asked what else could the goat accomplish around the hacienda de Nancy. The neighbor suggested goat milk soap. (This would not have been an apt suggestion had Cocoa been a boy goat. Biology, folks…) Nancy located a suitable boyfriend for Cocoa and soon kids were born and leaping about the yard in happy frolics.

 Now that Nancy had goat milk, what’s next?


Researching on the Internet, Nancy found several recipes for goat’s milk artisan soaps. Tapping into the knowledge of soap craftsmanship of yesteryear, she tried each and in turn created her own recipe she really liked. Landing on a formula which yielded a very luxurious soap. 

Nancy decided to improve the goats’ lot in life and started by improving their lot: a better structure to protect them from the oppressive Arizona heat, expanded their enclosure so that the goats had their own free range pasture, increased the quality of the feed to include organic oats, alfalfa, and molasses which increased quality of life for the goats and made them happier. Happier nanny goats gave better quality milk which made an even better soap which made Nancy happier. In short, everyone was happier and the goats were being raised humanely--years before “humanely raised” become a very cool buzz word.

With this new milk, Nancy was able to branch out and develop other personal care products such as shampoo, body wash, decorative soaps, and lotion. Because of the high quality of the goat milk, the lotion is so rich that you only need to apply it once each day—even in continuously hot and dry Arizona!  Women who have used Nancy's lotions report that they have fewer wrinkles!  This underscores how wonderful this lotion is. In fact, you can apply your Goat Milk Etc. lotion to every place from the crown of your head to the bottom of your feet and feel pampered (and moisturized!) all day!

Starting with one very resilient kid, Cocoa, Nancy's goat herd has grown steadily each year as more nanny goats are adopted and more kids are born . No kidding! Right now, the herd includes 13 extremely pampered goats and a few goats who double as self-propelled weed eradicators. (Don't worry: these weed whacking goats are not in the milk producing business. We prefer to avoid sagebrush-flavored goat milk. :-))

Since expanding her business from farmers' markets to her online store, Nancy's business, Goat Milk Etc. of perfectly prepared personal care products has continued to expand. This year, she sold her first large order to a distributor in Spain!

Nancy was inspired by the movie “Baby Boom” with Diane Keaton.  The difference between that movie and Nancy was apples and goats.  Both Diane Keaton and Nancy turned what they had available into something good for others to use.

No kidding!