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It's Kidding Time!

Goat Milk Products


Now you, as a distributor, have the opportunity to represent Nancy's Goat Milk Etc. products, the best quality products created through sustainable, local agriculture by a completely sane, very savvy lady!

After all, who else would think of creating decorative soaps in the shape of everything from cats to dogs and frogs, lighthouses, crosses, oceans, landscapes, and roses? Who else would think of adding just a drizzle of lavender or vanilla or Hawaiian Mist to give each product a wonderful scent. Only Nancy of Goat Milk Etc., of course!

(For men, Nancy developed “Very Sexy For  Men,” a scent-sation which, according to the men who wear it, attracts positive interest. VERY POSITIVE INTEREST. The men who have tried it at farmers' markets usually come back to buy a second bottle before they leave. Try it and find out why!)

When you decide to request to be a distributor for Goat Milk Etc., you are supporting a woman-run company in the sustainable agriculture niche.

You are making sure that the artisan soap craftsmanship of yesteryear is available for many years yet to come. You are helping to preserve the skills of previous generations of artisan soap crafters while protecting your clients from getting any more wrinkles!

Request to be a distributor by contacting us at 1-928-646-0165 or email to goatmilketc@gmail.com.